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A game to help kids learn numbers



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Kids Learning Game | Fun Learn is a game for kids to help them learn how to recognize and write numbers in a fun and easy way.

This game includes small mini games. That way, kids can have fun and face different challenges without ever getting bored. Let them learn by themselves without needing your supervision thanks to the short tutorials that you'll find at the beginning of each part. This way, they can become acquainted with the mini game without needing to ask for help.

In Kids Learning Game | Fun Learn, kids will learn how to write numbers, count, understand numbers in relation to the others, and discover simple equations based on colors. With these fun memory- and number-based challenges, your kids or nieces and nephews can develop their skills while also having fun. This game is designed for kids younger than 5 years old who are learning numbers and want to play educational games as they learn new things.
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